breathing etc.

version 1.1

ageing asking awakening bathing beating begetting being biting blowing breathing breeding caressing chewing climbing collapsing coming conceiving coughing crawling crouching crying dancing descending designing designing designing drawing dreaming dressing drinking dropping drowning dying eating embracing enjoying examining exercising eyeing falling fasting fathering feeling fighting finding fingering fucking gestating giving (birth) glancing going grinning hating hearing hitting holding hugging humming hurrying hurting idling imagining jumping killing kissing kneeling knowing laughing learning licking lifting listening loafing looking losing loving lying masturbating mating menstruating mothering mouthing murdering naming peering pissing planning playing praying raping reading reasoning relaxing remembering repeating resting running scratching screaming searching seeing sensing sewing shitting shiverrrrrring shouting showing singing sitting sleeping smelling smiling smoking sneezing sniffing snorting sobbing speaking spitting standing stretching stroking sunbathing sucking swallowing swimming talking tasting telling touching thinking tickling treading trembling typing undressing unravelling uttering viewing waiting waking walking wandering washing watching waving weeping whispering whistling winking wondering writing


To be spoken with as much or as little rythmn as you wish.

Orignally I imagined a film of the main body functions but when it became words they began to leave the body and threatened to become endless. Eventually I looked for the more bodily verbs in my memory and in Walt Whitman's Song of Myself and then stopped. At present there are 156 functions.

10 October 2001/19 November 2001