online: 5 march 2006
modified: 5 march 2006

28 february 2006 cold and sunny and dry

15:10 Sandy Heath. Beautiful skies today, semi-cumulus clouds driven across blue sky by north wind... i see a woodpecker... and as i walked across West Heath a few snowflakes in sunshine... gorse is in bloom, and suddenly the sun lights up the leafless forest as the wind blows dry leaves across the ground... walking fast in cold air, and wearing two pullovers, i'm beginning to sweat - so i remove cap and gloves and scarf and open my coat... i see for the first time a coffer dam across the Kenwood pond, it conceals the artificial bridge...

15:52 ...outdoor cafe ... Only one person beside myself in the cold air - but it's not cold here, in my favourite seat by the wall, protected from the north wind.

The solitary waiter is collecting the salt and pepper pots. He tells me he is from the Czech Republic and his occupation is 'with Buddha' (he has not yet learnt much English). I ask if he is a priest and he says yes. He is working here to pay for a visit to Thailand. He has a serious expression broken occasionally by nervous smiles.

Just now i can hear a robin chirping in a bare fig tree.

This morning i was still adding to the literature on design methods - i'm suddenly involved with design, as i was in the 1950s and 60s... and happy to be so.

...and as i walked past the viewpoint to the east of Kenwood the whole of central London was lit by bright sunshine while here and beyond the city was in cloud shadow... St Paul's, the London Eye, the Gherkin, and every other tall building - they were lit up and with each detail distinct.

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