online: 25 april 2006
modified: 25 april 2006

6 to 25 april 2006 to reconstruct the world

18:43 a neo-renaissance balcony next to a mansion in a park, rectangular dwarf hedges, well nurtured lawns and ornamental gates and stone balustrades near and far - this scene is entirely composed of symbols of power and authority, wealth and economic slavery - yet here this mild afternoon all seems serene and well and even free... until i notice the security cables connecting the garden seats to the balustrades...

Something drew me here today but as yet i do not see the relevance of this scene to my thoughts which today seem quite momentous: the transformation of this diary, and my other writings, into a record of the imagined reconstruction of our world, and that of nature, on the second earth, j-921... i pause i hear the loud trumpeting of tame geese with yellow beaks... I look about and see 16 of them feeding on a vast lawn by the ornamental canal that borders the mansion by which i am sitting in the wind...

...i move to another seat so as to see more of the geese and the lawn and find myself facing a glass door in which is reflected an image of myself and i pause to look at the outside of the person who is writing this story... he writes as if apart from all this and yet he is visibly embedded in it... where then are the words and where is this story and this scene as you write and we imagine and interpret what is written...

25 april 2006: ...and yes, we reconstruct the world in each perception!

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