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21 april 2006 people at play

16:37 ...Hampstead pond 1... trees in blossom and leaf, bright green, and pale, and yellow, a swan is standing in one of the gardens the other side of the water...i can see its mate on a nest in another garden...suddenly 3 green parrots, or parakeets, fly swiftly over the pond and disappear into the trees... The sky is grey, the wind is mild.., and now the male swan is chasing away a Canada goose - one of several that also occupy this pond at present.

16: 30 ...the Meta Dachinger seat, where i've often written before... i walked here i saw a dog swimming for a stick thrown by its owner who was guiding the dog by voice... he told me that the dog is blind and cannot see the stick in the water but finds it when he hears directional words like 'back' meaning 'turn back towards my voice'... Parliament Hill there were about 10 large traction kites, 5 of which were aloft and 3 of which were being flown by women... i've almost never seen women flying kites here before - can it be that this more flexible and soft and curved kind of kite, is somehow more female... several of the kiters wore harnesses and kneepads, evidently expecting to be lifted... one of them explained that if the kite lifts you too high you collapse it by turning or letting go of the handles...

To me both the man-and-dog and these people-and-kites are small beginnings of, and pointers to, the limitless possibilitiies for new activities and life forms and collaborations with other people, with animals, with recreational machines - now that work is ceasing to be the main determinant of how we live... i wrote that i could hear and see some small birds, i think wrens, flying swiftly in and out of the undergrowth.

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