online: 28 april 2006
modified: 27, 28 april 2006

25 april 2006 surprises

19:58 pond 1... a cool evening under grey cloud moving north east... three exotically shaped and coloured ducks walk close to where i'm sitting - i doubt if they're natural to this climate, or to any... are they artificially bred?

...a few minutes ago i met a good friend whom i've not seen here for several years... he's been an aircraft designer and used to make and fly hightech kites... today he was riding a folding bicycle and told me of the lightweight tents and weatherproof clothes he makes so as to cycle and camp in all seasons...

20.30 Parliament Hill... a misty evening, getting dark, the city lights are coming on, the running track is floodlit... the grass oval surrounded by brick redness is shining like a thing apart from both the heath and the city... as if it had arrived from outer space...

...and i wonder if we are on the brink of a life completely different from the one we've known so far... quite likely!

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