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27 april 2006 these moments

18:39 soon as i entered the heath i felt that this moment - this short walk beneath pine trees to the seat overlooking the Vale of Health - is as real and yet as magical as one can experience... the reality of the place and the reality of one's experience while walking within it, the heath... while perceiving (and in my case describing) both the scene and the actions of moving and sitting and writing within this complexity... the distance i can see the city towers near to the misty horizon... and here beside me are the gorse bushes... and, between these near and distant sights, are the houses in the Vale of Health, below...

and here, on this screen, and through my hand, are these words, and the many others already written (on the internet and elsewhere)... and whatever words may come next...

19:05 ...walking through woodland and over a grassy hill to the Viaduct Pond and aware, in each moment, of new flowers, new leaves, and then of the purple water lily leaves... and i'm a little shocked to see new spaces where trees and undergrowth have recently been cut down...

...on the way to the station i walked along a newly-cleared path across a little water meadow amidst emerging fern-like plants and nettles next to a stream and among willow trees...

In the train:
...and now, as i travel a few stations along what was my route home for the last 15 years, i look with pleasure at the from-the-train sights that i know so well... and i'm thankful that, despite my enforced move to the other side of the heath, i'm still able to inhabit these familiar and chaotic places that i like... and were my life... and can still be.

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