online: 6 may 2006
modified: 5, 6 may 2006

4 may 2006 interlude

20:15 I meandered along a newly-created earthy path (with wooden steps in steep places and a plank bridge over a muddy stream) leading to what, in about 1995, i called 'my wilderness garden' (or glade)... but which deteriorated when they cut away unergrowth to make a path through it and a large tree that i used to sit against fell down... i'm sitting on its remains, now half-rotted away...

20:19 I'm glad to linger here in a way i seldom do, without hurry or purpose, listening to some crows and just enjoying the place...

I see a 2mm insect crawling quickly over the paper on which i am writing (having forgotten to bring the hand held)... and i realise that in just one day the weather has totally changed... insect life has been released from wherever it was hibernating or hiding...

I remember when last writing here (was it in 1995?) about Dante in the City Forest (the beginning of a fiction yet to be continued)... i think this was before i began the digital diary (can i still find those hand-written notes?)

...something was developing then that was interrupted for about 10 years, firstly by 5 years writing and editing and indexing the internet and everyone and 5 more years in making softopia and writing the digital diary. Is it timely to look back and to resume those thoughts and imaginings? Probably not - but they may resurrect themselves spontaneously when writing the kind of fiction i contemplate now!

I pull off some small pieces of bark from the decaying tree at my side and stir some wood lice that have been sleeping or hiding underneath it... and now they have retreated under the bark that remains.

Parliament Hill. On the way here i felt hot and removed my winter coat and pullover and even my cap as it is so warm today. Many people are in summer clothes.

On the hill overlooking the city a few people are standing, and looking, in the cool breeze, looking in apparent wonder at the things they can recognise, though seen from afar.

...i'm aware, as i sit here, of this evening, this slow walk, after the completion of a longer writing, is indeed a new beginning... perhaps only of more restful actions, of lesser tasks much neglected... but it may be the beginning of much more!

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