online: 6 june 2006
modified: 5, 6 june 2006

5 june 2006 looking west

19:58 i'm sitting on the folding stool at what i call lookout hill... pale golden light, almost too bright to look at directly, shines above the north western horizon... above that are some bluey-grey clouds, between which are rivers of pale blue leading into a blue sea of sky... the trees and ferns are completely still and two or three birds are singing in the distance... the trees here are tall, mostly beeches...

...this evening i've again included two randomly chosen points in my walk (number 7: the cricket fields, and number 6: Sandy Heath)... afterwards an unfamiliar path took me to a point half a kilometre from where i thought i was - i'm amazed that this is still possible after having walked the heath for 17 years... yet another demonstration of the refreshing effect of letting a chance process direct one's actions...

...looking now at two distant horizons (i think the near one is Harrow-on-the-Hill and the far one might be The Ridgeway, a pre-historic road) i find myself wanting to visit the landmarks i can see on both horizons... i'll have to get a map and a compass...*

*Looking at a map i see that The Ridgeway is about 25 miles (40 km) away - the far ridge is probably about half that distance...

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