online: 8 june 2006
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7 june 2006 life is robust

20:09 ...a summer evening, sitting by a pond, enjoying the presence of people walking in the warm air or sitting on the grass... the sky is blue, the wind is mild, and the sound of church bells, of loud and quiet voices, of an aeroplane and of some distant traffic, fills the air...

...i'm watching a coot (black water bird with white head) dive and dive while incidentally creating concentric waves which expand and expand until they encounter limits - i suppose this living demonstration of wave motion, and of field theory, is as near as anyone can get to understanding the physical universe... from waves in air or water to the exactly analogous wave motions that occur it seems as light and all other wavelengths that reveal more and more of the spontaneous mathematical movement that pervades 'everything'...

(link to field theory)

20:54 the topmost seat... smog over the city... i can discern the outlines of the tallest buildings, but little else... the wind is from the continent...some of the branches (and two whole trees of this little plantation of pines) are dead... and the life of the world seems in danger... i loiter here, waiting for thoughts and events that may counter or connect these observations...

...a large and furry spider runs across the sand at my feet... a bird (is it a blackbird?) sings in one of the dead trees - through which i can see the moon if i move my head a fraction... a woman and a man laugh as they negotiate a narrow path between gorse bushes (she is scantily dressed)... and a party of about ten people stop to look at, and discuss, the view (still obscured by smog)...

...and as i describe these sights and sounds, and as i note these thoughts, i reckon that my fears are unnecessary and that life is more robust than i imagine...

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