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8 june 2006 purposelessness

19:46 ...random point 2: near to the tumulus

faint moon, 3/4 full, almost concealed by summer haze (not smog, the slight wind is south-westerly)... a large crow, which has been waiting for me to throw it some crumbs, has flown away.... a dozen or so people in red and white t-shirts run across the landscape... i remember when i used to run long distances and wonder why i did it - i suppose it was in conformity to social pressure to do some kind of sport when i was at school or in the army... uncompetitive walking is so much more pleasant!

20:25 random point 4: in a wooded valley

a clearing that i used think of as my wild garden... the tree i used to lean against has fallen and i am sitting on one of its decayed branches... the people who look after the heath have replanted a circular area of grass where other people used to make campfires... the new turf is about 3 metres diameter and is surrounded by a white plastic tape supported by iron poles... If i did not know it had a purpose i'd perceive it as a small piece of land art - reminiscent of the 'running fence' of Christo and Jeanne-Claude... a new kind of engineering art-work that, lacking practical or economic purpose, becomes instantly sublime!

the highest seat again

the tall buildings and the city are visible again, as are the hills beyond them... the moon has risen out of the hazy air and it is becoming bright, as daylight recedes... four young men speaking Slovakian come to sit and drink beer on and around this seat - we talk and laugh about life in Britain and in Slovakia...

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