online: 17 june 2006
modified: 16, 17 june 2006

16 june 2006 episodes in the story of everyone

08:52 ...under a tall and spreading beech tree after a slower and more attentive walk than usual...

...this seat is surrounded by nettles and tall plants with white flowers that i don't know the name of, in a clearing between tall trees... i came here i stopped frequently to note what i was seeing: many people at the bus stop (each seeming today marvellous) in this garden suburb where i feel so calm, secure... wild dog daisies, a yellow flower with elongated-heart shaped leaves (that i attempted to draw), buttercups, mares tails, nettles everywhere, some grasses already grown nearly to head height

(as i get into the forest i am walking slower and slower, a few steps each minute, so as to look around, and to write)... i proceed i realise that i'm now living and going where i like (after a lifetime of trying and failing to improve things)... and no longer following what is simply fashion...

and there are more ferns (now fully unfurled!) and even a knee-high holly bush, a bank of foxgloves, and small patches of sunlight shining through the trees.... i write this beneath the beech tree i realise that to keep a nature diary is enough ... and then i realise that these brief impressions may be closer than i think to the short stories i've today decided to write instead (of the diary) or in addition to it... design such a life while living it... without distinction between diary and story, designing and design... may be the ultimate (for me if not for others less lucky!)...

...and now, in the organic and physical stillness, but surrounded by sounds of traffic (that comes close to this corner of Sandy Heath) i thankfully look about before leaving... to get to the supermarket before it closes for the night...

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