online: 21 june 2006
modified: 19, 20, 21 june 2006

through random points 4 to 6

19 june 2006 birds, rabbits, new direction

20:30 ...pond 2 is still covered with duckweed (as it has been for months) ... i stopped to look at a diving seabird (is it a tern?) with its narrow pointed wings and meandering and swooping flight... soon it dived vertically from about 20 metres straight into the water - i could not see if it had caught a fish...

...then a heron appeared and flew over the water surface to some shallow water where it could stand waiting for fish... two crows immediately attacked so it rose and flew back across the pond to some shallow water on the other side... I've not seen crows attack a heron - i had assumed that they wouldn't attack a creature twice their size...

19:38 ...picnic by viaduct pond near to random point 4... five rabbits are eating here tonight, few people... the wind has backed to the west, the air is cold and the sky is darkish grey - i think it could rain at any moment. i walked to random point 6, Sandy Heath, it was getting dark... i walked along paths i'd not taken before and saw almost no one...

on return:
realising that this diary could end here, i pause... waiting for a new direction to become evident...

...what might the rabbits suggest, or the crows and the heron, or the tern... or the sheep and the goat and other characters who may be waiting to come to life in whatever becomes of this writing...

next day:
i decide to write no digital diary entries this week while searching or waiting for something else... to begin on monday, 26 june 2006...

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