online: 7 july 2006
modified: 7 july 2006

3 july 2006 Jung and Freud, religion and sexuality

21:24 a clearing between pine trees... A cylindrical tower with conical roof .and rectangular chimney that reminds me of C. G. Jung and even of Sigmund Freud... a magic castle in the woods (or the solitary dwelling of a hermit?) that is also a sexual presence, or symbol...

...has no one thought to combine, in the physical, or the sculptural, the beliefs that set Freud and Jung against each other?.. and as soon as i ask the question i remember my sculptures* of long ago and i realise that this is the idea they embody: the combining of religion, or mysticism, with sexuality...

...i feel like continuing them immediately!

*and i hope to add photographs or sketches later

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