online: 7 july 2006
modified: 7, 9 july 2006

6 july 2006 late evening

21:27 pond 1, late evening... this scene (looking across the pond at the backs of a terrace of tall houses, each with a garden of trees and lawn leading down to the water) seems as beautiful as ever... the sky is pale bluey-grey mist and the water surface carries moving vee-shapes and circles where water birds are swimming and diving... the light is fading and there are only few people still sitting on the grass and looking at the water... one of the two swans who live here has settled on the floating island and the other is swimming nearby...

21:50 the last of the daylight enables me to write (on paper not handheld) at Parliament hill... i feel a welcome breeze from the west after a week or more of dry wind from the east and too much solar heat for comfort (or even survival)... the city is still in smog and the moon is just over half full and quite low in the sky...

...i've been thinking all day at the scale of world problems but these diarisings, now i'm here, seem more interesting...

...the words are not flowing... so i'll stop.

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