online: 10 august 2006
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7 august 2006 a friendly cosmic feeling

21:02: viaduct seat

i sit in the sunset and silence... except for the sound of a bird crying repeatedly behind me in the bushes... and the sound of a man walking determinedly by (with head down and arms swinging) on the loose gravel path...

...and now i look up and see the palest blue sky above the trees and the point of a church steeple that is taller than any of them...

...all is still in the valley surrounding the pond and i can hear 2 aircraft, one to the south the other to the north... and there is a single electric light of a street lamp is shining through the trees...

and now i hear a dog in the far distance

i'm again imagining how it might feel to be a tree - rooted to the same piece of ground for one's lifetime, every day and every night... a foolish question i suppose but nevertheless it occurs to me... i walk away in the near darkness i hear an owl...

21:17 at the highest point, near Jack Straw's Castle:

the moon is nearly full above the nearby trees... tonight it is yellow tinged with pink... the city lights are all on - in a long frieze above the distant treetops, beyond the Vale of Health, over the roofs of which i am looking... i notice a friendly cosmic feeling in this conjunction of day and night... sky and trees... and city...

...the gorse bushes nearby are perhaps sleeping (do plants sleep?) and the place and moment seem (two words illegible), the whole of nature, spontaneous and contrived.

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