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18 august 2006 evolution and existence

18:56: a summer evening beside an unused field between motorways... Strong light from a low sun illuminating thousands or millions of tall stalks of dry grass interspersed with what were recently called weeds but are nowadays considered to be valuable plants to be guarded (by ourselves) against threatened extinction (by ourselves)... such changes in our thoughts and words being the very substance of social or spiritual evolution as it happens...

...sitting at a bus stop to write more of this, i am aware of a prevailing need to be specific and firm in questioning old distinctions and in making new ones - if the new is to be continuously born - and if the already old world is to be saved - by transformation...

...but it was not cultural evolution that made me stop - it was delight in the present, the thousands or millions of grasses and other plants lit up by the setting sun...

...and now, as i stop again, it is for the stillness and beauty of a landscaped park, with mansion, and white ducks on the grass, and the surrounding trees, and the path on which people of all ages run or walk or are pushed in prams, or ride bicycles... and also dogs, leading or following...

...all these, the whole scene, and all such scenes, embody and are the supreme and inexplicable fact of existence, are they not?...

...i was putting away the handheld when the peace and quiet of this place was destroyed by a noisy motor scooter which half-circled the scene and then drove away into the forest... no longer quiet.

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