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20 july 2006 traffic automation

This is a central part of my attempt at rethinking the industrial system (while i was engaged in it during the 1950's) but there is as yet no digitised version... here are links to some printed versions:

1. The original study exists and as an unsuccessful entry to the public competition New Roads for London, held in the early 1960s... it is somewhere in my archive but for the moment i can't find it. The proposal was to cure traffic congestion, road accidents, and parking problems by a comprehensive redesign of the whole system, gradually replacing manually driven vehicles by automatic ones over a period 20 years...

2. J Christopher Jones, 'A Credible Future for City Traffic' in Proceedings of the First European Conference on Technological Forecasting, Strathclyde, 1968, Edinburgh University Press, Edinbrugh 1969, pages 369 to 388. This is an elaboration of document 1.

3. In John Chris Jones, Design Methods, John Wiley and Sons, New York, 1970 and later editions, pages 246 to 248, 316 to 324. These pages include the essentials of traffic automation and the process of devising it.

4. As part of the essay 'the future of breathing' in john chris jones designing designing, ADT Press, and subsequently Phaidon Press, London 1991. This book is out of print but it is available in the British Library, and i presume in other major libraries. In this essay traffic automation is both described and assessed, about 25 years later, as i attempt to answer the question 'why hasn't it happened?'.

5. Next? - this digitised attempt to make these thoughts accessible...

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