15 May 2001

summer rain and thunder, pity for vegetables

Summer rain with some thunder just as I am making a salad. Long white spears of water falling straight down in light wind from a grey cloud layer a mile or two across. While the rain was intense each spear or drop was enough to shake a leaf if it hit one. And now the rain is gentler and there are claps of thunder every two or three minutes...

...and now all seems relatively still though some leaves are moved by local gusts of wind. It's grown darker indoors and the cloud layer is moving slowly northwards. Perhaps the storm is over - in as much time (fifteen minutes) as it's taken me to write this.

Now for the salad. I've not yet decided what protein to put with it... I decide to defreeze some prawns, poor things. But why not be sorry for us say the carrots, apples, brocoli, onions, cucumber, parsley, chicory, mushrooms and olives who died to feed you this evening? I apologise very lightly writes Mr Jones as he thinks of his teeth and his stomach.

But the fiction doesn't last as he pours hot water on the unfortunate prawns. No more thunder. No more pity. No more lies. No more fiction. I'm going to eat my supper.