17 July 2001 education for modern life?

10:45: Just discovered an easy way to scan recent entries - decide to make that a (or the) source of each new entry, especially if it is to be fictional.

e.g. yesterday's entry tells me to write or act within the widened limits of the internet and to see what ideas came to me on waking. After looking through handwritten notes of thoughts on waking this morning I see 21 ideas for limiting my actions to what can be done via the net and I decide to do one of them here and now:

In a radio programme on Greenland and its isolation I heard a Greenlander say that 'they raise the children in the old way so they're not prepared for the modern world.'

...but to me the way the rest of us raise children (in schools and through television) is still the old industrial way (hierarchical, centralised, specialised)... the truly old or pre-industrial or tribal way of educating (via initiation rites and apprentiships and adult responsibilities soon after puberty) seems to me far closer to what is needed in the world as it's become...

So now, instead of merely debating that idea, to begin doing it!

While the over-twenty-fives are shaking their heads the young ones begin to redesign the education of everyone!... but no one has noticed.