18:51: 20 August 2001 peace after disturbance

Peace and stillness under clear sky. Early evening. 'This is the place for me' - the phrase comes from another time but fits this one, this moment. And this evening there is stillness within me, after unrest - a creative or destructive disturbance. A church clock strikes seven.

Today I noticed two spirits within me where before I was aware of only one - and that one appearing only as a unity, a constant presence of good. That's over now and I can at last admit and enjoy the two presences, the one 'good' and the other 'evil', though the names are quite wrong - no not 'wrong' but mistaken, too exclusive of life. This is it. It includes everything, even disruptions.

Perhaps there is nothing more to say. I guess the high energy and free flow of yesterday's entry ( to live good lives BANG!) had something to do with it - and the second thoughts that led me to tone down the ungrammatical wildness and to make it more a sermon than an exploration. ( I added the opening quotation, or text, afterwards and then adjusted the text accordingly.) For I woke early regretting it. But now I don't.

As I wrote that a large and lively spaniel snuffled all round me until it found and ran off with a piece of bread that someone had left here - while its human companion walked on as if in a hurry to return home. (A young man with black hair and a yellow t-shirt. I wish he had replied to my greeting - he looked friendly.)

'This is a perfect evening'. I can think of no better words - but I'm happy.

And now the air is moving and has become slightly chilly - already it's more autumn than summer... I decide to walk on.

...but before I do I feel impelled to copy out a short text that lay on the ground before me:

This cleaning towelette takes the place of soap, water and towel for fast and pleasant cleansing of face and hands.

Indeed a changed world - but described with the clarity if not the wit of Alexander Pope!