23 September 2001 perceptions of things mythical

0:14 Yes this a changed world...

...no, it is not the worldthat has been changed by those suicide bombers - it is public perception... perception of what is possible, and of what is thinkable...

...and perception of hitherto unfelt ill-effects of past policy, and self-images - those of Americans (blinded by power and supposed superiority - as we British were in the nineteenth century and many of us retain the habit.)

But as I wrote that I felt I was editing my words to fit people's feelings. What was I meaning to write?

That there has been a worldwide change - in public danger and in opinion. And possibly it is towards and not away from the kinds of change that I've seen all my life to be necessary - but they didn't happen. But now some of them could. Perhaps the decentralising of office work, of government and of management. In which case the effect of the suicide attack on the largest offices and centres of business and government may be seen as against these physical and social forms but not as against people.

So the question is 'can such changes occur without violence - and at such a scale?' Probably not - but it is in the spirit of the change to decentral to try...

How to do it?

My first thought: to quietly get on, in any and every way we can think of, with realising decentral in small non-violent ways... Yes!

00:46 I still hear the disturbing sounds of teenage shouting and of motor scooters revving in the street - I guess they have nowhere else to go and no adequate roles, jobs, or public esteem which could attract and give them constructive and connective presence. I resist calling the police.

It could be done but not via centralised professional organisation. A new politics and a new kind of (self) management is needed.

Can the centralised forms be removed without suicide attack? On the face of it - not. But if it can be done the first steps may be fictional and mythical.

Is that the reason for my move from designing to attempted fiction? That - and a fascination with the fictional nature of all social forms - and with any things mythical.