my new direction, or detachment

27 june 2001 0:15

On 15th of june I noted a new direction, or detachment, perhaps a creative or releasive cut - between what I do and my spontaneous thoughts:

To refuse to energise worry and instead to energise right action.

As soon as I'd noted that resolve I dropped everything to clear up and tackle a pile of neglected mail and other papers... and minutes later I'd discarded most of them and responded to the most worth-while - a request to write a letter of protest, about the ill-treatment of the Kalihari Bushmen, to the president of Botswana.

(Survival International claims that such letters are effective and I've enjoyed writing many such - my only opportunity to write to presidents, and from such a moral height - as well as to assist ancient cultures, to me the most valuable!)

I noted on 15th june that I was 'amazed to find how excellent is the wholly different world I'm admitted to by this CHANGE (the greatest by far that I've experienced, next to being born?)'.

And now, a little shocked by the magnitude of what I wrote in that moment, I rewrite it here as a thought for daffodil three and as the first part of enacting this thought: set aside wish or desire (and most certainly worry) for what seems right and is immediately possible. For me, at least, this feels like the way.

And with that I go to sleep, perhaps reborn to this change?

...but not before transferring it from my handheld computer to the digital diary...