28 July 01 life as it is

21:00 nine o'clock on the heath - a church clock strikes - voices of picnickers and others sitting on the dry grass - I imagine the faint sounds of an outdoor concert - the picnickers sing 'happy birthday' to someone - a woman and three children move through the long grass on bicycles - there is a haze over the city and the air is warmer than usual and probably polluted...

Things are going well in the world. Awareness of globalisation, and of global warming - and of the ineffectiveness of representational democracy - though each of these perceptions is as yet negative they are surely the necessary preludes to any possibility of the integration and connectiveness that I dream of.

Which here and now enables me to see that the right and only way to realise the promise of cave art and what followed it is to proceed in and of the seemingly narrowed life as it is! Here and now.

He begins to do that.

Yes. Yes. And no less.