29 July 2001 waiting for everyone (version 2)

Knowing that she/he is in love with all people as all people are unknowingly in love with her/him the figure of god is excited. She/he longs to touch each one of them, the several billions, and to cohabit their minds and their bodies. But she/he cannot. Not many believe in her/him or in anything though they mostly love themselves and to that extent love her/him also without knowing it. This is the theory of this peace that passes the understanding of even the charitable.

but it's coming to pieces, theologically

There are some of us who hate everything and do not love even the sky or the sea or the soil though we all eat food and drink water with various additives. To some of us human life is an additive - to what? To the sound a fury of a fly against the glass or of a person wrongly used as an instrument? What next? You are not a fly nor an implement writes the monopolist of belief and the least selective of lovers who sees through these words to what's through the screen and inside it and everyone.

All the people are moving just now and in each moment... moving in space and in time and in the disposition of fluids and processes within them, and even in thought unless sleeping deeply or dead in which case as memories or if not yet conceived they move as expectations of a future that will never happen because each new one of us will be different.

this writing is not entirely nonsense thinks the writer as he tinkers with it

This is it. This is the world as it is and never was imagined the world of all kinds of evil as well as good and immeasurable. There is no knowing of it other than distorted by self-interest or intellectual bias or other such delusions and or as perceived by god in everything as complete as it is in each instant with the right amount of suffering* and joy and brutality and accident and hope and disappointments any words will do for these are all quite worthy words like knowing beyond the ability even of god to transcend or to dispense with.

preview of the earth when we have left it:

There will be a general grieving over the loss of gravity and a strong resistance to learning new body movements for everything - so much so that the new planet will been constructed to repeat the exact accelleration of gravity (9.81 metres/second/second) with the consequent repeating of almost everything else, even the calendar. And even religion. The god was hoping that she/he and at least something might be left behind for instance selfishness but no no these were not dispensable either...

And now came the moment of zero in 1950.

But no one noticed. The same perceptions continued and the same negations as well as the same hopes and the reluctant god was retained in the resurrection of everyone aboard the second planet which they saw and felt as identical.

So was it a myth asked those who'd not rejected the story so far but no one answered. Did we really leave it?

Was our history and our theology invented?

* remembering a statement by John Cage that there is just the right amount of suffering in the world (or was he quoting someone else? as yet I've not found the reference, notes the writer)