2 April 2001 by a small lake

14.10 Writing in a young forest by a small lake. I saw a heron rising slowly over the water as it flew up the valley. There is a slight breeze and only faint sounds of a distant pigeon and distant traffic. I'm sitting in a car where I've slept for half an hour before inscribing this with an inkless pen on the little screen of the handheld - and now I move to sit on the ground by the lake.

What a difference - to be in unenclosed space, free to look about without the framing effect of car windows and to be in the same space as the lake and the trees and the slight wind and the birds and the insects. This unnameable space - to name these things that inhabit it does not quite bring it into the writing, the sense of free air and continuity is half lost...

...but it's here in this experience of space and of small sounds of nature as I sit among trees by the water.

18.08 Writing while traveling on an ordinary road, quite winding and bumpy. It's pofsible to look ahead and write largely by feel. (spelling uncorrected!)