2 July 2001 the wind is confused

19:58: The wind is confused, as I am. What direction?

A warm and humid evening, haze over the city, gentle gusts of wind from everywhere, cloudy with a few patches of pale blue... I see the top half of a man walking through high grass in the distance. Faint sounds of birds overhead. Not much seems to be happening. This is life and it's bordering on dull - but it's neverthless wonderful (despite these appearances).

A woman in black passes - she is speaking continuously into a mobile phone as she walks - it sounds as if she is speaking a long narrative, ...'john comes out of the room and...'

I didn't hear more but she talks without stopping and hardly looks where she is going. A new way of being in several places at once. Is that good?

A thin and formal-looking man walks by - he is holding a tied-up plastic bag - I guess that he is going to feed the swans. What a connection. The sky is getting bluer.

And what in the world is happening everywhere else? If I were a crow I'd not ask that question, or any?

Enough. I'm losing interest. It's time to look around.