3 July 01 20:39

One thing at a time...

...that's what I've learnt today. Having spent most of the day at what I thought would be a brief task - but I found it took hours at the keyboard to complete it to my satisfaction (after a couple of computer crashes).

Usually I do things a little bit at a time and jump (by chance process) from one thing to another. I feel so happy to have done this job in one go - I think I should abandon my habitual method.

And what was the job? To sort out a confusing set of emailboxes and address lists for daffodils 1, 1.5 and 2, and to begin anew at daffodil 3 with a clearer classification that is likely to avoid future confusions. And I've done it! It's not easy for me to succeed at something logical - is that the advantage of getting involved with computing - or of sticking to one job all afternoon - or of both?

And the result? I now know that there are today 74 subscribers and I feel confident I can keep track of and reply to new subscribers and responders. And the nicest part is that I can easily see who (of the billions of people I don't know) has decided to subscribe. For daffodil 3 there are six people - three from Australia (one of whom is also from Turkey), one from Oregon, and two from the UK (one of those being someone I've met). New ones keep arriving.

How wonderful to be enabled (by electricity) to be in touch with each of them. And yes it is touch, it is physical contact - if you admit that light and electrons are physical. I have little patience with those who bemoan the loss of direct contact or bodily involvement. One's electronic presence is not a thing to deny. Nor is poetry.

That was written on the Bragg seat. On the way back I paused to copy out the dedication on another seat that I'd not seen before:

In memory of Kate Lunn
1971 - 1997
To know how to live is all

There is no full stop.