7 April 2001 what notes to write here, in public?

00.03 In bed after a long and active day. This is the first electronic note to replace (my habitual) kind of personal or private handwritten notes* that I do not share with others, or even read myself, let alone enact.

*What I call 'chronotes' - there are several filing cabinet drawerfulls of them, from 1995, and others (disorderly, or ordered by subject, not date and time) from long before.

So what am I going to write electronically that I am happy to publish - and to DO?

I suppose that the answer is to write more abstractly - or else to turn, in this little but significant dilemma, to poetic fiction...

So now to do one or other - or both!

(28 august 01: as I edit this today I doubt if I've begun to enact this resolve - so now to attempt it! Today seems to be a moment of resolve.)

(back to 7 april 01)

07:31 Woke early with thoughts reverting to the difficulties of trying to adapt to wrong contexts. A sampling of (both) paper and electronic notes of (the cave art) trip and (the) conference* tells me to cease such wrong uses of self and to continue right uses found in buying this electronic note pad and in beginning to enact breakthrough (rune 8) after illness and recovery in France.

This is new life.

* CODE Conference, in Cambridge, re actual and possible outcomes of the open source movement - I have not yet (28 august 01) edited my electronic notes of it. They are very fragmentary.