9 April 2001 visiting cave art by internet

In bed after another day of tiredness and rest, sleep, walking, eating and eventually visiting the internet version of the newly-discovered cave drawings at Chaumet. Apparently more than 30k yrs old, nearly twice as old as those at Lascaux.

It interests and invigorates me greatly to learn of this - perhaps it changes my view of everything. Confirms my feeling that the earliest people were as intelligent as any - but they were differently conditioned.

So now, aware of so much, but able to do so little, 'what to do?'
(as always) That is my question.


I pause for a few minutes to think, or to wait for ideas...

Later - I decide to do some 'cave art' of my own. (for 'own' I wrote 'gwn' !

('gwn' is the Welsh name for dogs, mentioned in the attachment to letter 25 of the internet and everyone - the letter was to me a momentous 'connective moment')

- so letter 25 could be the way to do it - in or as 'connective moments'!)

i.e. To do whatever I can that is connective over (both) pre and post historic time scales!

That's plenty to think about. (then I slept before continuing:)


So what IS 'my cave art' ?...

...perhaps a meta-message (or a poetic form)?

...or simply a record of each written moment...

...that is enough for this moment.