reviews of the internet and everyone

up to 16 february 2004

(incomplete list, some links and reviews to follow)

published reviews (online) / tom mitchell (online) / simon biggs

analytica (online) / ursula huws

artnetweb (online) / robbin murphy

design issues / wolfgang jonas

design studies / wolfgang jonas

drs newsletter (online) and his website/ wolfgang jonas

foresight, vol 2 no. 6 dec 2000 / sally wyatt

fx / gareth gardner

the independent / christopher hirst (the weasel)

ajking website / andrew j king (temporarily broken link while changing to a new server)

the lawyer (online) / anonymous

leo library catalog (online) / james madison university (complete contents list)

leonardo digital reviews / Chris Crickmay, 1. text 2. published version (difficult to read as it retains previous line-endings)

poetics (online) / allen fisher

red rock eater (online) / phil agre (extract of text)

rhizome (online) / simon biggs

sesame / denis o'brien

student magazine (online) / (invitation for review by a reader) (online) / adam brate's listmania comments:
a beautiful book, unbelievably well designed, sparky, dense, and personal
(find by google search for "adam brate" "the internet and everyone" - 5th book in his list)

paperpools / helen dewitt