originated: january 2001
modified and links added: 27 march 2006


25 july 1995 to 26 july 1996, the days on which the spine* of the internet and everyone was completed with the magical discovery of newtime in which any moment can be detached from clocktime and become connective to many others.

If this moment is such it is easy to understand the difference between true life and reductionism when the fairy tale becomes fact and the self loses identity with any fixed name or social adhesive.

That of course is the nonsense we love type the fingers as the scope of softopia is extended beyond the shores of eternity and loses or gains sense in new process. Yet the fingers are blessed as the theoretical mind loses touch and new time and new life are resumed or even resurrected. Click now and be saved types the commander but nothing happens...

...for a-year-and-a-day in letter twenty-six.

*not the spine of its cover but a spine of 25 email letters, from writers to publishers, with attachments selected from my writings about the internet and widely related topics. See letter 25 of the internet and everyone for a difficult** revelation of connective time and moments... the theory of the book.

**to be read first for the third time