online: 13 january 2009
modified: 4 january 2009

3 january 2009 frozen landscape

Seven Sisters Ponds

...about half an hour before dark at the third pond in the silence of a frozen landscape... no wind, each bull rush or tree branch is completely still... the sky is pale blue except for a few small clouds overhead that appear pink in the sunset... already the ponds and surrounding trees are in shadow... i settled on this seat an almost spherical robin perched on a nearby branch and stared at me for a minute or two until another robin further away took its attention...

...already it's beginning to get dark... and still there is no movement except for two or three birds that occasionally fly across the pond... and a few people walking in the distance...

...and today, in this new year, i am aware of attempting to resolve problems, at the scale of mind, that i did not resolve, and nobody did, in 2008... local and global... and requiring new perceptions, and a new problem language, i think... (the glocal problems of finding and enacting a new culture more fitting to new circumstances) now, before my finger gets too cold to touch this screen, i raise my eyes for a last look at what's before me... at which a small creature (a wren or a bat?) flew very close (perhaps half a metre from my face).... and now as i write the robin appears again, on the ground nearby, and slowly hops out of sight beneath my raised and resting foot... i suppose it is accustomed to being fed by people sitting here...

...and so ended the first entry in the digital diary at this public writing place in 2009... after which i walked back in the dusk, meeting several other robins on the way

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