online: 23 march 2009
modified: 18, 23 march 2009

17 march 2009 an ordinary walk

in a city park or forest

...five white geese walking slowly in line across the grass followed by a grey one... the other geese stay where they are, grazing and occasionally squawking... ...the trees seem about to break-into-leaf, if that is the right name for this process... the annual transformation, from seemingly purposeless twigs and branches, to supports for green surfaces seeking to absorb as much solar radiation as they can, in the photo-synthesis of tree-stuff... which is oblivious, i assume, of the sense of spring or liberation or poetry, that this awakening can provoke...

...a sudden cawing from a group of crows in the taller trees... a siren from an emergency vehicle that no one seems to notice... and five converging vapour trails extending towards the north west... and women dressed for running jog by in silence... except for two women, and then two men, who talk as they run... while two other men run on the spot, and move their arms, according to some exercise plan (as i do myself, but indoors)...

...a cold breeze now makes me want to move... so i get up to continue this ordinary walk... after a week by the seaside... in the ritual of time... as we make it...

for comfortable line length set the window to about two-thirds of the screen width


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