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19 march 2009 tides of thought

at the seaside and inland

three epigraphs to what may follow a visit to Brittany:

No doubt man in the future will be able to say much more interesting and useful things about living creatures than he can now - but they will be in terms as different in content from those of today as an electron is from an angel.
J Z Young, Doubt and Certainty in Science, BBC Reith Lectures, 1950; Oxford University Press, London, Oxford and New York 1968, page 135. the religious sculptures of the middle ages plant and animal, real and imaginary, good and evil, intertwine...
paraphrased from Sculpteurs Au Moyen Age, the fantastic world of Romanesque capitals, Editions Instant Durable, No. 4, Clermont-Ferrand 2007, pages 40-41, (in French and English).

I no longer wished for a better world, because I was thinking of the whole of creation, and in the light of this clearer discernment, I had come to see that though the higher things are better than the lower, the sum of all creation is better than the higher things alone.
Saint Augustine, Confessions, 397-401 AD, Book vii, section 13, as quoted by Edwin Schlossberg and John Brockman in The Philosopher's Game, Elm Tree Books, Hamish Hamilton, London 1978, page 39.

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