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11 august 2009 how to live

a connective momnt

...sitting on the seat inscribed
in memory of Kate Lunn
1971 - 1997
to know how to live is all
...i am saddened to know of the brevity of her life but inspired by her evident wisdom...

...the seat is situated in what i think of as the western meadow (to the west of ponds 2 and 3, on the map of the heath it is called Pryors Field)... at this season the seat is surrounded by tall grasses and occasional thistles, bushes, and trees in full leaf... this evening the sky is pale blue with no cloud and a pink mist along the horizon...

...some tiny moths or butterflies are still flying near to the ground and i am resting here after gathering a plastic-bottle-full of blackberries... from here i can see the 'post office tower', part of the microwave network that connects many such towers by sight-line throughout the UK... while owls hoot in the distance... lights are switched on - i suppose to warn aircraft of the presence of the tower, which i suppose carries a proportion of the telecommunications of which the web consists... though the tower was erected about 50 years ago, before the world wide web was invented... as i sit here here on it's sightline to the north i wonder if its transmissions are heating my body very slightly (as meat is heated in a microwave oven!)...

... as the sun light fades and the air becomes still i cease to think about the right way to live... instead i am aware of being a part of this moment... despite or because of the various wavelengths of radiation of which our physical reality consists!

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