online: 2 september 2009
modified: 24 august, 2 september 2009

24 august 2009 recovery of the whole

highest point

...and now, as i attend to this moment and all that led to it, and as the city lights are switched on by programmed intelligence, i realise that yes and this and all such moments embody life, the life of every detail we might say if also perceived as whole or complex beauty of both stars and particles of dust or even words or aims or disasters impossible to name or to imagine beyond those of any accidental happening...

...looking up suddenly from screen to sky and cloud (now changed from blue-grey to reddish-grey) i imagined the presence of someone standing behind me but when i turned the presence vanished and i recalled several such half-imagined but rarely seen realities... not ghostly but pure fiction, as in a story book or folktale, seen only with the inward eye...

...and now the cloud above the city's changed again (this time to darkest pink) and all the lights are now on as if to greet whatever future worlds or beings can come of all that's growing out of nature and the mind we shift and share as artificial things

...this scope of words is greater than we know... as is their unexpected sequence come what may familiar phrase...

for comfortable line length set the window to about two-thirds of the screen width


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