online: 20 september 2009
modified: 12, 13, 20 september 2009

12 september 2009 autumnal evening

city forest

...perhaps the first evening of autumn... fallen leaves rustling as i walked here beneath tall beeches... in the midst of re-organising this website (soon to become softopia 4.0)... alive to fictional presences enacting aspects of the world as it can be... and as it may exist already in our thoughts... if we let go and cease conscious control of what may spontaneously develop (in the right context)...

...a little dog resembling a fox is chasing crows on the lawn ... several people run by in ones and twos each wearing colourful athletics clothes... some talking as they run, but most are silent...

...i look up and 'take in' the scene... losing my sense of self as separate identity i feel instead a part of the trees, the lawn, the fallen leaves between here and the mansion that is background to this landscape... consciously designed by professional thought (a modern ghost) to resemble or to enhance the forms of nature... regular paths and facades made to seem natural by irregularly placed trees and by the complex negative shapes of the open spaces between these objects...

...or so it seems to me this autumn evening during a pause in the redesign of softopia by it's owner and inhabitant who likes to seem invisible but isn't... he's trying to redesign a thing of which he is a part... and yet the whole of it is not visible or audible: it is a connective presence in mind and internet... half-consciously evolving amidst the presence of the world perceived as continuous entity... both factual and fictitious... these are the words

...the light seems now a warmer but fainter colour as the sun disappears beyond the trees... a breeze begins, a man on a bike moves past... and a solitary crow, and now two more, return to the lawn... their habitat... two unknown people pass, their forms dark silhouettes... against the lawn... ...and now the space is empty and i enjoy the luxury of being alone and adapting to no one... here in near darkness...

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