online: 3 november 2009
modified: 2, 3 november 2009

2 november 2009 last day of autumn?

Seven Sisters ponds robin today... not yet anyway... second walk since back in London... a few bulrushes are still upright - many have fallen into disorderly patterns as if trampled on by a gigantic creature (or in fact the wind?)... during the last week or so the majority of leaves have fallen here, and everywhere, and tomorrow's weather forecast is of heavy rain and cold... but to be writing, when ever can, to combine thought, bodily action (of one finger on touch screen) with being in the city forest as it changes and provokes these words... is to overcome an inertia that otherwise might prevail...

...yes, there are only a few leaves remaining on the young lime trees nearby... faint wisps of cloud in blue sky... and a wind cold yet gentle... and in the air the sounds of both aircraft and a distant saw cutting timber, or something... i walked on, moving faster than usual, my attention was taken by a spray of three leaves at the end of a low branch of bramble... i was drawn by the simple geometry that the three leaves maintained (even as nearby leaves are turning brown and losing their exact relative positions)... determined by gravity and by the direction of sunlight... an understandable fragment of the millions or billions of such formations all around and throughout the structure of what we designate nature... and each part of it simple though the whole of it appears complex...

at the thirty-nine steps:
...and on the way from one section of Sandy Road to another i passed a new house that is nearing completion... what a pleasure to see a piece of modern architecture worthy of that name in it's simplicity and order, shorn of sentimental allusions to the over decorated or compromised forms of the past... yet it may not attain that satisfying ease and adaptation to the lives lived within and around it... for that is what i expect of the architecture to come...

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