online: 19 may 2010
modified: 17, 19 may 2010

14 may 2010 digital diary resumed

return to city forest

...glad to be back after two or more weeks indoors suffering a chest infection and cold northerly winds outside... first day of no phlegm and of warmer wind from the atlantic at last... every tree is now in bloom and on the bus i saw a wasp and let it out through a window... bluebells in the forest... light green leaves of brambles next to dark green of nettles and the more vivid greens of new grass...

...gradually i feel myself recovering from brief illness and confinement as two wisps of tree fluff float slowly towards earth...I breathe deeply and walk on...

seat overlooking wooded valley (where so many past entries were written):

...on the grass here are thousands of white seed-bearing pieces of fluff (from what tree i know not)... small insects flying just above me seem the same size as more distant swallows or swifts seen against the same clouds... some descending fluff pieces are ascending in up-currents as the surrounding leaves and branches sway slightly in slow gusts of wind (of about a metre per second in various directions)...

...guided randomly at path-junctions (by the direction of the second hand of a watch) i come across a duck with three ducklings... the first ones i've seen this year

i am hoping that this restart and summer will enable me to revive projects that did not succeed in unsuitable circumstances long ago...

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