online: 29 july 2010
modified: 29, 30 july, 3, 4 august 2010

29 july 2010 setting details

of a new culture or something pond 2... evening... to renew lifework this moment... cool dusk and light wind beneath trees... few sounds... occasional aircraft returning to airport and occasional shouts... adapt here and now to widest view of circumstance... what comes to mind?

...what would you like to be doing from now on jcj?

...organising as i write a fiction of the state to which my wider intuitions refer... the collective 'as is' of the modern age and renaissance... (misperceived and malformed as it is according to the thinking of Martin Heidegger*)...

*The Question Concerning Technology, in Martin Heidegger, Basic Writings, edited by David Farrell Krell, Routledge and Kegan Paul, London and Henely 1978.

...but wishes and wants are not it... more likely the remaking of collective circumstance according to newly shared vision... the impermanent sky and the made-again earth ...
"Lyncroft Gardens"
says a recorded voice of the bus computer... one of most helpful bits of future design that i know of...

"approaching Fortune Green Road"
says the voice... as i feel my way with supermarket bags to the lower deck of a crowded bus while subject to unexpected accelerations of bus-and-driver not yet smoothly automated...

...and yes accept all of our pasts that led to this moment... world wide and beyond... beyond even evolution... (in this switch from self/object to self/other as the post-materialist reality)... !

...but i pause now to disentangle the confusions and artificial conflicts of human impermaculture (non-physical?)... with whoever is able to lend a willing hand to this playtime or re-creation...

in computer game zero

... or

in a newlife morealivethan we'veseenit!

...and don't delete says the automated con science...

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