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1 september 2010 two architects and others

traces of

...walking and resting outdoors after several busy days rethinking and expanding the education of everyone as a serialised novel or even a soap opera of new web culture as transformed education...

...(I did not intend the last dozen words... what on earth am i getting myself into?)...

... but returning to this place and this moment i look again at the dome of St Paul's cathedral*... which is visible from this seat through a gap between trees on the horizon of this meadow... from which i hear sirens of emergency vehicles which have no visible presence... on these several acres of wild grass with isolated bushy trees and tiny figures of a few dozen people sitting and standing and some walking their lives here this afternoon in weak sun and cool breeze... and all of us part of the earthscape or cosmos yet conscious each of a different part of a story or culture of weblife as we see it (or don't) or as no one else does...

...a man and woman with two young girls who are jumping as they walk over large plants and rough ground with the appearance of pleasure even happiness...

...and now a middle-aged man with a sheepdog and mobile is speaking audibly to anyone within 10 metres or so as he speaks to a person somewhere else as if this being in two places at once was completely normal throughout history... each prosthesis we adopt and adapt to is so quickly absorbed into the behaviour of everyone unless it arouses dislike and resistance... and then what? i left the heath i passed a row of modernist flats designed by Erno Goldfinger whose family lived in one of them for many years... it is now owned by the National Trust and is open to visitors... (phone 020 7435 6166)

*St Paul's cathedral was designed by Sir Christopher Wren, who is not only one the most famous of architects but was respected as an astronomer, mathematician and inventor... in imagining a digitised life without specialisation i see architects in general, and Wren in particular, as partial examples of versatility... but the idea of creative democracy goes further than that... it implies the sharing of professional skills between computers and everyone with the software as the specialist and everyone else being re-educated to take part in directing the process... turn those abstract words into practical action is the purpose (if any!) of what is to be done more as art and as play than as dull hierarchical work and over-serious money-making!

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