online: 2 may 2011
modified: 1, 2 may 2011

1 may 2011 mayday

under trees to pond 2

...local stillness in forest by pond... water surface shimmering in cool wind from the north... few people about (it's too cold for most of us)... another cormorant on bird raft... and now i'm surrounded by fallen petals of fawny yellow tree flowers... among which a blackbird is searching for food... no, not one blackbird but a pair...

...i hear sustained noise of strong winds in distant treetops from which surges of cold air are driven southward even at ground level... at which the bushes and lower branches are in motion each according to its own dynamic... and now one of the blackbirds returns... then suddenly flies off... i look round i get flash-impression of all these things being as one... all parts of a vast dynamic sculpture... and especially while i walked here nn forest paths... much enjoying the still air... and the sculptural beauty of sprays of beech-leaves-and-branches... and the sense of enclosure and continuous space of great complexity... while avoiding open fields that are windy this evening...

...and in what way is this mayday i wonder... then i realise i was seeking rescue from unease and discomfort... for before i wasn't happy... until losing my imaginary self in this tree-space... as if here we belong...

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