online: 7 june 2011
modified: 6, 7 june 2011

6 june 2011 cloud and silence

a secret valley wind... grey cloud after rain... a pigeon murmurs... few other sounds... mosquitos thriving... the trees are very still... the leaves close by move only a millimetre, or less... yet this spot on the earth is rotating and travelling at immense velocities relative to other spots... or to other planets... let alone the stars and galaxies... scientifically inferred by re-describing physical things as abstract realities... not resembling grass or leaf or bird... or you or me... or the sky as we see it... i sit next to a pond... on a seat inscribed a follows:
galia morris
moscow 2.8.1915 - london 9.11.1997
dearly loved by all who knew her
...and in this atmosphere of soft white cloud and silence no words but these... or this... and some words written here six years ago...

...then i move closer to the pond and see a mirror image of the surrounding trees reflected by almost still water... on which two new-born coots swim by... with parent bird...

...and while i was writing this someone nearby was jumping with a skipping rope for several minutes... something i've not seen since childhood...

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