online: 20 october 2011
modified: 19, 24 october 2011

19 october 2011 here and now

facing north in near darkness

...cease to procrastinate
(lifelong error becoming evident in old age!)
and do what is timely for self/other

priority is decided: softopia first!

so now turn thoughts and being to 'the education of everyone' (see daffodil 93)

this seat (facing north towards playing fields and garden suburb) is one of my favourite writing spots...

accept the implications of these resolves:
cease to cater only for a few... or outside the economy...
this implies that softopia is a part of the whole, not outside it

a cyclist (with lights switched on in near darkness) moves swiftly past from east to west

while the sun disappears and the writer sits back and awaits whatever happens

the sky above is light grey
except at the horizon
where dark blue cloud hangs over the hills*

*and perhaps above the Ridgeway and other pre-historic paths on the hills encircling London

and over the lights of the garden suburb

while utopian dreams continue**
to nourish and sustain

...while writing that... i did not notice a woman walking from west to east... until she'd passed...

**for the last few days i have been reading John Wood's book: Design for Micro-Utopias: making the unthinkable possible, Gower Publishing, Aldershot 2007... and it is changing my thoughts about utopia... and many things (both philosophic and practical) that can help or hinder the realisation of ideas... John Wood is indeed 'one of the only people who could write such a visionary yet practical book' (from a review by Martin Woolly)

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