online: 12 april 2012
modified: 11, 12 april 4, 5 may 2012

11 april 2012 for a positive view of the future

a new aim for the digital diary:

notes to myself (and to ourselves) re:
memories, writings, literary precedents and ideas
for a positive view of the future

memories and writings:

composed piece by piece (or peace by peace, as in part 2 of i+e)

out of the elements of previous thought and writing:

expanded design methods (xDM)
designing designing (DD)
experimental city (xcity)
technology changes (tc)
radio simplicity (rs)
creative democracy (cdemoc)
the internet and everyone (i+e)
digital diary (dd) in cityforest (cf)

and other attempts lost or hidden in
memory, softopia and archives

literary precedents:

seeking to go beyond beyond what's positive (and also negative) in romantic or idealistic writing... including memories and ideas of:

Plato's Republic ~400 BC
More's Utopia 1516
Defoe's Robinson Crusoe 1719
Swift's Gulliver's Travels 1726
Goethe's Wilhelm Meister 1795-1829
and also his Faust 1808 - 1832
(Mary) Shelley's Frankenstein 1818
Thoreau's Walden 1854
(Lewis) Carrol's Alice in Wonderland 1865
Morris's News from Nowhere 1890
Zamyatin's We 1920/1924
(M K) Gandhi's My Experiments with Truth, 1927/29
Stapledon's Last and First Men 1930
Huxley's Brave New World 1932
Orwell's Nineteen eighty-four 1949
Gibson's Neuromancer 1984

and including some of the utopias in (Marie Louise) Berneri's Journey Through Utopia 1950, and (John) Carey's The Faber Book of Utopias,1999

(and much of 20th century science fiction}...

not to mention
The Trial, 1925 and The Castle, 1926, by Franz Kafka and The Man in the High Castle by (Philip K) Dick. 1962


but what is the significance of combining genres and types of literature?

i guess it's to lift the whole idea of literature from the separated powers of individual writers and readers to the unity and connectiveness of groups (aided by internet)... or of the human species

(essential to making or discovering a new reality?)...

i.e. only by connecting can the ideal be realised (specialisation being the essence of (what is misnamed) evil: the revelations and the destructiveness and creativeness of asking questions}

[suspect this is not only the way to a positive view of he future but to the reality of the new...

shadows of the writing of Design Methods and such
e.g. 'writing the future ' (essay in Futures, june 1988)]

perhaps this is the necessary process emerging as did digital diary in the cityforest!

is there something to be learnt from Edwin Schlossberg's descriptions of the processes in and of Einstein and Beckett, 1973 etc? e.g. include the whole process of writing and of reading (of which this is a part)... and also his essay For My Father (a self-referential view of environment, published in About Bateson, editd by John Brockman, 1977)

invent or include characters to speak and to enact these views and processes: (metaprocess of the new (or of metadesigners and of extended Design Methods)

12 april 2012:

when digital diary process expands as this is doing it indicates the most valued part that should be emphasised not hidden
or adapted to fit the status quo !

suspect this is the moment to trust the unknown and to explore... (and not to edit to fit existing grammatical conventions etc...

but i have edited slightly
e.g. to write abbreviated words (like DM = Design Methods) in full and to adjust the spacing)

...[is this the purpose of my use of ellipsis (and spacing) in place of full stops or commas or colons or semi-colons or initial Capitals... etc ?

dot dot dot ... . . . . . .

clearing the air so-to-speak!. . . . . . yet confusion is welcome and to be expected. . . . . . especially at the beginning dot dot

for comfortable line length please set the window to about half of the screen width


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