online: 28 june 2012
modified: 21, 22, 23 june 2012

20 june 2012 creative quartets

synergy workshop

after the event:

...pausing... on my way back from Goldsmiths College, University of London... where i took part in the first trial of John Wood's idea of creative quartets... groups of four people attempting new and constructive ways of assembling global design data... collaboratively... and creatively.... (part of John Wood's call for paradigm change in our collective thoughts and actions... see also the discussion that follows John Wood's call)

i was assigned to a quartet consisting of:

Svenja Bickert
Sam Deeks
Claude St. Arroman

who chose and tried to connect (synergetically) the following four elements:

body movement (Svenja)
all the people who ever lived (Sam)
a string bag (Claude)
random numbers (jcj)

as soon as i look at this set i see it has a coherence perhaps hidden from us while we selected its elements ... but perhaps anticipated by John Wood... in his prolonged thinking about the synergic effect of 'tetrahedral' quartets chosen by the criteria he suggests?

...for somehow, despite appearances, this modest attempt at collective creativeness seems indeed to overcome the rigidity and ineffectiveness of many other attempts at collective designing 'from above'...

...i hope to say more about this when i've seen the combined result of all the quartets...

and in the meantime i rejoice at this new interest in improving the world by improving the processes through which it is designed...!


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