online: 1 october 2012
modified: 30 september 2012

30 september 2012 almost raining

in the vale of health

...the air is cool... the sky grey... the vegetation changing from greens to yellowish browns... and occasional gusts of wind shake some of the surrounding trees... and a few whiteish spits of rain appear against the shadows already forming beneath branches... a local wind cools my face for a few seconds... and then ceases... i look about and breathe deeply (inwards) before another gust agitates nearby grasses as my thoughts become more part of this scene and less part of things absent... i got up to go the cries of about 20 small birds flying in formation caused me to sit down again and write this paragraph... and i watch a man and a woman walk by... as have several other couples (some with dogs)... each of whom look as if they live nearby... while the flock of birds disappeared almost immediately...

and i feel the wind changing from gusts to more continuous flow round the valley i again think of getting up to walk further... and perhaps to write in some other location...

...continuing indoors i find that the image of the valley is still quite vivid... though the sunlight is filtered through cloud... and colours are muted... but this remembered image lacks the stability of direct vision... and does not seem to release me from the usual flow of other thoughts...


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