online: 25 may 2013
modified: 24 may 2013

20 may 2013 mist and rain from the north

heath extension

...the church steeple and the nearer houses in the garden suburb are visible... but misty... while the northern horizon beyond them is completely hidden by rain... or by thick mist... rain is not falling here but the north wind is increasing... i hope to continue walking for 15 minutes despite rain... to reach my new minimum of 20 minutes per day (= one mile or 1.6 km)

...not many people here this evening in this cold air and fading light...

...i walked for five minutes beside the seven ponds... to the songs of several blackbirds... and the sight of hundreds of water irises (not yet in bloom) and of a water plant with huge leaves (as big as rhubarb)... everything is growing suddenly after months when it's been too cold for such tropical-looking vegetation... gets dark and i hear what may be the first owl of the night... or is it a wood pigeon?... i think it's a pigeon...

...then i walked in the dusk for about ten minutes... up a modest incline with wood-and-earth steps* cut into the ground... and then i walked along the edge of Sandy Heath... before taking a bus from Spaniards Inn...

*the wooden steps seem not to be used by everyone... the soil alongside is worn into a smooth incline where people have walked to avoid the jerky effort of climbing a staircase... (a little lesson for the do-gooder or planner in each of us!)


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