online: 20 august 2013
modified: 19, 20 august 2013

19 august 2013 monday afternoon

the world as it is or as it can be

...sitting mid-afternoon (near Kenwood House) in a cave of vegetation and eating Jewish apple cake... after good experience of carefully chosen opticians (much helped by my daughter Joanna) who have (after unusually extensive measurements and fittings) prescribed two (or possibly three) pairs of glasses to correct both double vision and focus etc plus one pair (at no extra cost) for seeing at longer distances... (the two shorter distances being for desktop computer screen and handheld touch screen)... i have seldom been served so extensively and well in any shop or clinic... nationalised or commercial

...rested in that cave of trees and undergrowth before walking via point 4 through woodland to point 5...

...reached point 5 the highest seat via the commemorative spring (in memory of someone who gave much to Hampstead Heath as public space) at point 4... and stopping many times to gather some not-very-sweet blackberries until my plastic water bottle is full...

...still uncertain if today's walk and diary writing is timely... i suppose i have been feeling too tired to judge after two hours at the optician's and after walking through the woods... but the weather is so pleasant today... mild sun and wind from the north west and many small cumulus clouds floating and moving south eastward... and here at the highest point distant details of the city are clearly visible in the absence of mist or summer smog...

...i hear a large bird cawing amidst the sounds of several aircraft descending to one or other of the five or more dubiously sited London airports (monuments to our collective stupidity or systemic blindness see pages 85-86 of Design Methods i can't suppress this overdue complaint-plus-advertisement)... which makes me wonder yet again when or if it's timely to speak my thoughts re technology misconceived and ill-directed... (but perhaps our only hope)... it time widen the discussion or is it better to keep to calm detachment... as free as i can make it of complaints and criticisms and such...

battery circuit signals that quantity of electricity left has fallen to 20% i decide to allow only 2 more words in answer:

switch off

(the number 2 was chosen randomly from the numbers 1 to 10)

while editing this just before midnight i note that this entry may have ended my doubt as to it's timeliness... and is perhaps ending the backlog of uncompleted entries that i have not yet put online in the last year or so...


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