online: 26 august 2013
modified: 20, 21, 26 august 2013

20 august 2013 late evening

pond 1 and the future of television

...stopping to gaze at the full moon... (which appears to be touching the rooftops across the water)... and after re-reading Maya Deren's thoughts about the scientific world in which film making occurs... and which comprises (as she so clearly says) a new existence in which divinity was thought to have migrated (as 17th century rationalism?) from the mind of god to the human mind... or even brain...

...the moon is now 3 to 4 diameters above the rooftops... and a water bird is squawking... against the roar of diesel electric generators pervading the air in preparation for a funfair which opens here at the weekend... another squawk of water bird... and the lesser and more benign roar of distant aircraft... and i interpret two white blobs in the dusk over the water as swans... now sitting in near darkness on a bird raft... which i imagine was put there with humanistic motives...

...alone here in the dusk with the moon (and with the erectors and operators of the funfair and their huge family caravans) i feel more at peace than all day (which included several hours waiting for an appointment which didn't take place) so i lost the rhythm of the day... until an impulse took me to re-reading more of Maya Deren... before walking here... still uneasy... and until the sight of the moon provoked this little piece of writing... some people are shouting (in a language that i don't recognise) and they continue to shout as they walk into the distance...

...and now i'm alone again and gazing at lit-up rooms in the houses across the water in which are unmoving people who obediently watch and co-inhabit the constructed world of

d o m e s t i c t e l e v i s i o n

...which soon may seem too directive for those who may want to live it and remake it as themselves and as of everyone... (and not just in our professional roles, if any, or as couch potatoes as we used to call ourselves)...


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